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20 Questions 100 Answers 20 Perpectives


This new, 2-disk program is a compilation of honest answers about dementia from medical doctors, professional care partners, family members of those diagnosed with dementia, and a person living with it. Filled with thoughtful perspectives and firsthand experiences, this DVD will both empower families to understand and deal with dementia on their own terms and encourage healthcare professionals to think beyond their current views of dementia to provide better person- and family-centered care.

The topics include:

  • Maintaining a respect for the personhood of each person
  • Ways to help persons with dementia to continue to live purposefully
  • Recognizing differences in forms of dementia
  • Medications and behavioral concerns

End-of-life care

This DVD is a collection of questions answered by a team of knowledgeable and respected people in the field of dementia hoted by Julie Anderson.